My book project

Thelma Kay KiserKay Kiser Photo 01

About me:  Retired Chemist and published author of a first book entitled Perverted Truth Exposed: How Progressive Philosophy has Corrupted Science.

Christian, Conservative.
Degrees in Biology and Chemistry. Extensive technical writing experience. Patents and publications. 30+ years in industrial research. Independent scholar and skeptic/ iconoclast. “Question Everything” “Is it true and is it logical?” “How do they know that (HDTKT)?”

The Book: The title of my first book is Perverted Truth Exposed and is subtitled How Progressive Philosophy has corrupted Science.  It asks the question “What do we really know about life, the universe and everything. It is intended to be the first in the Modern Mythology Series.

The book covers some of the basic areas where science has been corrupted or replaced by philosophy disguised as science. The major scientific areas covered are Darwinian Evolution, Origin of Life Theories, Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics as the heart of Particle Physics, and the Climate Change debate.  I present facts and logic to make the point that these areas, regardless of the merit of the theories, are actually based on philosophy, not science, that fits an atheistic, anti-human, progressive political agenda.

After publication of my first book, I have been writing a second volume in the Modern Mythology Series. This second volume centers on questions about environmentalism, ethics, eugenics and population control. See About this Site for more information.

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