About this site

The purpose of this blog is to open logical discussions about truth and faith in science and to examine some of the most cherished paradigms.  Some areas of science have become religions complete with catechisms, saints and evangelists. Dirty tactics are used to shut up any dissent or logical questions that threaten dominance of the standard line. Science is not cast in stone, and any belief that cannot be questioned is closer to myth than science.

True believers use ad hominum attacks, guilt by association, claims of either ignorance or sinister motives by those who question accepted dogma, along with logical fallacies, equivocation, obfuscation and similar tactics to silence opposition.  Instead of an open forum for discussion, academia has become a closed priesthood where the accepted dogma is preached and anyone stepping out of line is punished by denial of research grants and journal publication. It is time to return to open discussions without fear of retribution.

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