The Good News On Climate — NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

By Paul Homewood     As I watch the snow blow past my window, it’s hard not to scoff at the idea of a ‘climate emergency’. However, I’m probably in a minority. The idea that we are currently experiencing a dangerous deterioration in our weather has been pushed so hard, and for so long, that […]

The Good News On Climate — NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

Covid-19 Testing and Cases – an ever-changing, moving target

COVID-19 and Your Health

Why Covid-19 Cases are Dropping

Wonder why Covid-19 “cases” are dropping? (as defined by CDC,  Cases = Positive Tests). They are playing games with the numbers again.  CDC changed their guidelines so that only people who have symptoms or have been in close contact with a Covid-19 positive person are ELIGIBLE to be tested without doctor’s orders. Previously, everyone was urged to be tested.  The WHO now admits that the screening test has high false positives, so that many “cases” were not real. 

The RT-PCR test is the wrong test for mass screening. It was intended to identify the cause of infection in sick people, such as flu or coronavirus. It was never meant for testing healthy people with low or no virus load.  Consequentially, the test is also being done wrong, which produces a high level of false positives.  In order to get enough genetic material to test, samples from asymptomatic people are run through too many replication cycles. Each cycle doubles the number of genetic molecules. Most Covid-19 screening protocols run 40 cycles, (range 35 to 45) resulting in more than one trillion times as many  molecules as was in the sample.  Experts state that any test over 30 cycles, (approximately 1 billion replicates), are useless for determining viral load, indicating active illness.  This is due to the fact that tiny bits of dead fragments and RNA genomes from live viruses can’t be distinguished at this level of sensitivity. 

Fewer tests given equals fewer “cases” aka Positive Tests.

If you need/want to be tested, the rapid antigen test is more accurate, with fewer false positives. It tests for proteins in the viral coat. However, it is not available at many testing sites. You may have to get your doctor to request it from a clinic. The antibody test looks for antibodies to Covid-19.  It can only confirm that you have already recovered from Covid-19 or have been vaccinated. 

I took the CDC online screening survey HERE  as myself, age 76, without symptoms and was told I needed a test, probably because of my age. I took it as a 45 yr old friend and was told I did not need a test. Get it? See below for the last result:

• Sounds like you (they) are feeling ok. Learn more about COVID-19 and what you (they) can do to stay safe on the CDC website. Please also see your local area’s website: Virginia Department of Health. Sent at February 22 at 10:07 AM• Bot CDC said: Monitor for symptoms. Watch for COVID-19 symptoms. If you (they) develop symptoms, call your (their) medical provider, clinician advice line, or telemedicine provider. Learn more about COVID-19 and steps you (they) can take to protect yourself (themselves) and others on the CDC website. Sent at February 22 at 10:07 AM• Bot CDC said: No COVID-19 testing needed at this time. Based on the answers given, you (they) do not need to get tested unless recommended or required by your (their) healthcare provider, employer, or public health official.

Death Counts are Exaggerated

The death counts are also grossly inflated. Most deaths reported as Covid-19 are from other serious diseases/causes such as heart failure/attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes and just plain old age, as well as accidents and violent deaths counted as Covid-19 deaths. Most died WITH Covid-19, not FROM Covid-19. In fragile, compromised individuals, even the common cold can advance such deaths.  CDC has admitted that only 6% of reported deaths are without co-morbidities. If this is true, the 500,000 reported deaths becomes 30,000, which is in line with normal annual flu deaths.

One death is too many, but we need the truth about the extent of the problem to make reasoned decisions about whether to open businesses and schools, allow gatherings such as churches,  celebrations, sports, trips, and to allow visitation in hospitals and long term care facilities. Most businesses are struggling or permanently closed; children are suffering for lack of socialization, learning and school routines; the poor kids are hardest hit.  It is well past time to open everything and get back to normal. 

Who is Stealing America?

Please set aside time to watch this video from Epoch Times that is important for the future of our country. See links below. It is a bit long (93 min.) but well worth the time. It systematically ties together election problems, China, Big Tech, financial, political powers with interviews and video clips. Share it with everyone. Save it to your own email, etc.

Absolute Proof of Election Fraud

Image copied from Rumble for Absolute Proof video by Mike Lindell

Use the link below to see Mike Lindell’s video “Absolute Proof” on It demonstrates voting fraud/ theft through voting machines with foreign interference via the internet. He presents forensic evidence and experts that can attest that votes were flipped or manipulated. The video is almost 2 hours long but well worth the time. Other irregularities such as changing voting regulations without legislation, vote harvesting, ballot stuffing, backdating and failure to verify signatures of mail in ballots,, etc. are not included here.

Help Stop the Unconstitutional Impeachment Trial

Please contact ALL of the Republican senators and urge them to vote to dismiss the impeachment trial in the Senate because it is unconstitutional. Please also urge the Senators to vote to acquit if the motion to dismiss fails.

It is not enough to contact our own senators; we need to flood the contacts of ALL of the senators with pleas to stop this travesty. See attached updated contact list of all Republican Senators in the 117th Congress.

The Senate does not have the authority to adjudicate against a private citizen. It only has the power to conduct an impeachment trial to remove a sitting president. They cannot lawfully impeach a former president once he/she leaves office and becomes a private citizen. If charges are called for, then the Justice Department is the place for a criminal or civil investigation, indictment and trial.

The updated contact list file has links for website, email, Facebook and Twitter, and contact information for mailing addresses and phone numbers.  Feel free to copy, save and share the file.  Email takes a little longer to do than Facebook or Twitter or phoning, because each senator has a contact form you will need to fill out first.  Also note that Twitter has a limit on the words/letters you can use. I suggest you create a short narrative organize your thoughts and plug it into messages for each senator.

NOTE: These files can be a tool for contacting senators in the future for other issues and I would encourage you to get involved on important matters. I have also included an updated contact list file for Republican House members. (The reason for the update is that some of the members did not have their permanent Washington office, email, phone, etc. when I sent the earlier version.)

Updated Repub Senators contact info of 117th Congress

Updated Repub House reps contact info of 117th Congress


Climate Researcher’s New E-Book: IPCC Significantly Overstates CO2, “The Sorry State Of Climate Science” — Watts Up With That?

According to Poyet, a geologist, the worse climate predictions have been made for 50 years and none of them has ever become true. For example, despite the unsupported claims that the Maldives islands would be submerged by 2050, 97% of them have grown so far, for various reasons having nothing to do with “climate change”.

Climate Researcher’s New E-Book: IPCC Significantly Overstates CO2, “The Sorry State Of Climate Science” — Watts Up With That?