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Anti-humanism, Environmentalism and the Overpopulation Myth

The roots of environmentalism go back to the eighteenth century in the form of the overpopulation myth of Malthusianism, which was all about limiting the human population to prevent a predicted Malthusian Catastrophe, i.e. mass starvation, and for genetic purity, especially among supposedly genetically inferior groups e.g. certain races, cultures and the chronically poor. This… Continue reading Anti-humanism, Environmentalism and the Overpopulation Myth

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The Necessity of God

Philosophically there are only three reasons for existence or action: necessity, chance and design. Everything in the physical realm has a beginning, an end and a cause.  Nothing physical is permanent.  Everything changes as a result of causes and are thus contingent on preceding events.  If everything has a cause, then an endless series of… Continue reading The Necessity of God