Why Progressives Believe

Why Progressives Believe as They Do

What could motivate both the originators and their audiences to perpetrate such anti-science beliefs?  Let me preface the answers by saying that many or most of the practitioners in the sciences and science education are not aware of the nonscientific underpinnings of their craft.  These underpinnings do not invalidate their real research, only its interpretation to fit the accepted nested set of assumptions.  They are merely working within the paradigm in which they were educated.

Because all of their textbooks told the same story, they have assumed that the paradigms were proven beyond a doubt in the past, and have accepted them at face value. There is also an undercurrent of group-think whereby scientists validate each other based on their mutual publications and opinions. They have not actually investigated for themselves because they assume the subject is beyond question.  For my first degree in biology, I was once one of these, although I never conceded that God had not directed evolutionary developments.

A few, especially in academia, are actively pursuing an anti-God, atheist or progressive agenda.  Of the many areas where science has been replaced or corrupted, the same or similar agenda driven ideologies are the basis.  It is a belief in progressivism and a desire to do away with the necessity of God as the ultimate or first cause and consequently the Christian religion.

Progressivism is a very old idea that originally was only about man’s knowledge and society continually progressing, built on accomplishments of those who came before.  The philosophy of progressivism itself has been broadened from a reasonable belief in the progress of knowledge and social systems and has been reinterpreted into a magical belief that the universe, life and society are naturally progressive, going from simpler to more complex and progressing toward perfection without the need for direction by any higher power.

As a religion, progressivism has been adopted by the materialist, socialist and communist philosophies to mean that society and man’s very nature are moldable.  Their mission, which gives their lives meaning, becomes helping that progress happen, based on their own understanding of perceived needs and their ideas of a perfect future.  In the communist philosophy, thesis followed by antithesis leads through struggle to synthesis in the form of a dictatorship of the proletariat and ultimately to utopia in which both social ills and government fade away.  However, communism never progresses past the dictatorship stage and ultimately falls apart even with strict controls.  Progressive is a gross misnomer as applied in these social movements since it has always resulted in Regression into increased government control, loss of freedoms and increased poverty.

 “Progressive” is really Regressive. 

As applied to science to justify anti-God theories, it results in fantastical schemes and magical thinking.  As a matter of fact, the whole concept of a naturally undirected progressive universe is magical thinking with no basis in logic or reality.  According to the second law of thermodynamics, increasing entropy is the rule. Over time, chemical and physical systems become less organized and naturally move to their lowest energy and organizational levels.  Reduced chaos and increased complexity or energy both require work through input from outside the system.

Why are progressives, who believe in Darwinian evolution, trying to stop evolution (aka development) in its tracks?  Why are progressives, who supposedly care deeply about impoverished peoples, so eager to keep them that way and drag the rest of us down to their level?

Progressivism is a religion that allows followers to believe they have superior minds and intentions, that they know what needs to be “fixed” and that they can and should “improve” their world.  It gives their lives meaning, which is lacking without acknowledging the necessity of God.

In truth, those who think they are smarter and morally superior are really engaging in magical thinking that is common in adolescence, immaturity or shallow thinking.  It arises from underlying feelings of either inferiority or egotism, which itself is often based in deep seated but hidden insecurity.  Those who have to think of themselves as better than the average person in order to feel good about themselves are truly insecure, needing their egos stroked by adoring masses to validate their self-worth.

They are also easily bruised and defensive about their self-worth and stature.  That is why it is difficult to talk to progressives about anything that is not in complete agreement with their mindset.  They are sure they know best, automatically put you in an inferior class and are offended by your impudence in questioning their beliefs.  They may even attribute your failure to agree with them to some sinister motives and/or lack of intelligence.  They often cannot compromise or even listen to any ideas that challenge their sense of control and exclusive moral superiority.

They love to pontificate and personally attack as inferior or sinister anyone who doesn’t validate their exalted opinion of themselves.  Their favorite game is “Gocha!” in which they make unfounded assertions in an attempt to make their critics look or feel foolish and put them on the defensive. In this climate, most people avoid such confrontations because they find conflict very unpleasant.  It is an effective way of silencing critics.

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