Overview: from Universe to Living things

We live in a universe of extremes, from vast distances, huge galaxy clusters and extreme energies to extremely tiny atomic and subatomic particles and infinitesimal energies. Living things, too, range from the huge to the microscopic, from the ages old to the ephemeral, from the powerful to the powerless in almost infinite forms and extreme complexity. Let’s take a tour of the wonders of our reality. Since the subject is so broad and complex, I will attempt to give you an appreciation of its wonders without bogging you down in any more details than necessary.  Since some of the facts are still debated, I will stick to the status quo explanations for our tour. If you find the details in some of the sections of this chapter too tedious, you can just skip over them to the next section or skip the chapter altogether. However, if you can wade through them, you will gain an appreciation of each level of complexity.  See each of the areas in individual pages.