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Origin of Life Scenarios

Complex structures of cyanobacteria[1]  The earliest known Life fossils are 3.8 billion year old stromatolites, rocky structures composed of cyanobacteria and sand.   From the previous post, “What is Life?" it is readily apparent that living things possess multiple levels of complexity. For even the simplest organism to survive, all of the components, whether they be physical structures… Continue reading Origin of Life Scenarios

but is it science · Life · Origin of Life · science and philosophy

What is Life?

Composite Photo source:  Wikipedia "Animal_Diversity" in article "Animal" by permission through Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. What is life?  We can describe the characteristics and infinitely varied forms of living things, but what exactly is life itself? In the past, it was assumed that there was a vital force present in all living… Continue reading What is Life?