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The Corruption Of Science

By Paul Homewood   h/t AC Osborn     Hot on the heels of the RSS pause busting adjustments, themselves repeating NOAA’s own ones, Melanie Phillips has a thoughtful piece in the Times… Source: The Corruption Of Science Follow the link above for the complete article and meaningful comments, both of which point out a broader corruption of science… Continue reading The Corruption Of Science

but is it science

Failing Ivanpah solar power plant gets temporary repreive, but is producing ‘prohibitively expensive’ electricity

Why aren’t the environmentalists screaming about the birds killed and the harm to the environment? It’s because their goal isn’t really protecting the environment, its political control of US. Hmmm. I smell collusion.

Watts Up With That?

Last week we reported that the Ivanpah solar power plant might be forced to close if it didn’t get a break from the California Public Utilities Commission. According to this article in the Press Enterprise, it got the break:

California electric utility regulators on Thursday, March 17, approved a deal between Pacific Gas & Electric and the owners of Ivanpah solar plant that gives plant operators more time to increase electricity production.

The plant’s owners have agreed to pay PG&E an undisclosed sum in exchange for getting time to improve the plant’s electricity output. The deal followed realizations that the plant is failing to meet its production obligations to the utility.

In return, PG&E won’t declare that its power purchase agreement with the plant owners is in default.

The California Public Utilities Commission unanimously approved the deal during a meeting in San Francisco – despite objections by the Office…

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Materialist versus Transcendental Views

Behind all other philosophies, there are two basic ways of looking at the universe, the materialistic and the transcendental views. NOTE: Do not confuse transcendental as used here with the so-called Transcendentalism movement of the nineteenth century which was really a Naturalistic or agnostic philosophy. NOTE: Materialism, in the philosophical sense, is not the love of… Continue reading Materialist versus Transcendental Views