Philosophy Disguised as Science

Anti-God Progressive Philosophy Disguised as Science

Progressive philosophy says the entire universe is naturally progressing from simpler to more complex, from disorganized to organized, toward ultimate perfection without any divine influence or a first cause.  Anti-God progressives have distorted true science in many ways to make it fit this scenario.  Previously, science was viewed as a way to discover the workings of the physical universe without excluding God as a first or sustaining cause.

Science is the pursuit of truth about the predictable, repeatable and measurable aspects of the universe with which we can or could conceivably interact.  It must also be verifiable, falsifiable and testable.  The following theories have attempted to do away with the need for a first cause, but fail to qualify as science in some aspects by this definition.

Darwinian Evolution taught others how to present pseudoscientific philosophies as science by using political tactics to unseat established leaders and to exclude any consideration of God as a guiding or formative influence.  Living things are said to only look designed[1]. The process has only been labeled, not explained.  Change certainly has happened, but the causes and mechanisms are still very much undetermined.

Origin of life theories use molecular evolution scenarios to make it seem that life can naturally arise from dead chemicals without any guidance or influence from any overarching force or God.  None have successfully described how proteins, nucleic acids and lipid, all necessary elements, could have been formed together and combined in a way that resulted in a living being.

The Big Bang is evolution writ large; it stopped the infinite series of causes and made it impossible to determine a first cause because nothing could be determined from before that event because “before” is meaningless.  There is no “there” there: no space, no time, no energy, no matter.

Quantum physics is uncaused evolution from nothing.  With its interpretation of subatomic events as indeterminate it removed the need for the first cause.  Suddenly, the entire universe was considered indeterminate and only appeared to be determinate on a macro scale, requiring a first cause.

Catastrophic Climate Change, based almost entirely on computer models, is a modern example of a philosophy disguised as science. It has an immediate socialist agenda to destroy civilization’s real progress based on bad science while ignoring real data.  This is also true of the entire Environmental Movement, which is used to destroy real progress and impose a socialist system of control.

[1] Attributed to Richard Dawkins, an evangelical militant atheist.  Books include The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker and The God Delusion.




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