Bureaucrats Backtrack: ‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar Now Deemed Impossible Before 2040


Suddenly, came the realisation that subsidised wind and solar will never replace Australia’s coal-fired power plants. The idea that they ever could was, of course, a perfect nonsense.

Talk about being ‘technology agnostic’, ‘inevitable transitions’ and wind and solar actually ‘competing’ with coal, gas and hydro, say more about the protagonist’s state of mental health, than anything else.

When it’s pointed out that on a dead-calm, frosty morning in July (when people have bounced out of bed, but the sun is yet to bounce over the horizon) every last volt, watt and amp is the product of coal, gas and hydro, the dissembling soon starts. No amount of money or green virtue can purchase wind or solar power on those occasions (and on thousands of others whenever the sun sets or calm weather sets in).

Then follows mutterings about the ‘technology improving’; Einstein-‘smart grids’; ‘mega-storage’ (be it squandering large volumes…

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