Contact information for 117th Congress, House Republican Representatives

Urgent!! Use this immediately. The vote count is Jan 6. 

See attached contact information file of all Republican House of Representatives members. Please contact ALL of them (or as many as you can)  and urge them to reject the illegitimate, stolen electoral votes, especially from battleground states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. This will force the election into a final vote by the House of Representatives, one vote per state. We cannot afford to lose this one. We may never get another chance if the Communist left have their way. We will  permanently lose our freedoms, rights and our Constitution. It is not enough to contact our own representatives; we need to flood the contacts of ALL of the representatives with pleas to undo this travesty. When it is thrown into the House for final voting, please also urge them to support their state delegation to vote for President Trump on Jan. 6. 

See attached files for links and contact information. Included are website, email, Facebook,  and Twitter links along with mailing addresses and phone numbers.  Feel free to copy, save and share these files.  The Excel file has direct links. The pdf file links can be copied and pasted into your browser. Email takes a little longer than Facebook or Twitter or phoning, because each representative has a contact form you will need to fill out first.  A few may even block out-of-district contacts, so you will need to go through phone, Facebook or Twitter for them.  Twitter has a limit on the words/letter you can use. 

  Repub House reps contact info of 117th Congress