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The charts below are from Our World in Data, a global data tracker that combines the CDC, Johns Hopkins, WHO and the IMF world data to create a daily update of cases and deaths.

Since the U.S. media focuses on new cases, which are riddled with all kinds of misleading inconsistencies, including repeat testing (multiple testing per person), new cases also do not indicate level of sickness, only a positive result, and new cases are most likely from a PCR swab known to be 40-50% inaccurate depending on adjusted cycle thresholds which can produce false positives.

Fatalities are the truest measure real-word impacts of COVID-19.

So while the rest of the media is using new cases as a way to instill continued panic, let’s follow the science on the data that actually counts: how many people are dying in each State, on average per day. Below and current daily…

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