Keeping America Energized, Maybe 45Q will Help?

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Recently I was interviewed by Peter Perri for his Podcast on “Energy Media”. We talked for about an hour and I expressed my opinion on America’s dismal… “Lack of a Rational Energy Transition Policy”. It is just a Decarbonization Policy without provisions for providing power generation until technology and build out of new nuclear catches up. However, Mr. Perri got me thinking and he offered some information regarding the IRA Act 45Q, Provisions for Tax Credits for coal plants that capture and store carbon dioxide (CCUS). That was new to me. I consider myself well read on energy news, but I sure missed 45Q. The CO2 credit is up to $85/ton of carbon dioxide captured and sequestered or utilized. Not that I agree with the legislation or the practicality of CCUS, but it shows some sanity of the policymakers, that they understand America may get around to using…

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One thought on “Keeping America Energized, Maybe 45Q will Help?

  1. dickstormprobizblog December 22, 2022 / 7:30 am

    Thank you for reposting my Blog. It is good to know you and connect with another person that believes as I do on the importance of energy to sustain our high quality of life. Merry Christmas!


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