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Facts about Zika virus and Microcephaly

Facts about Zika virus and Microcephaly. Is there a cause and effect link or merely a correlation of unrelated events? Here is the story and the facts so far.  In October 2015 an increase in microcephaly was reported in Brazil. A Brazilian doctor, Adriana Melo, at IPESQ, a research insti­tute in Campina Grande, was the… Continue reading Facts about Zika virus and Microcephaly

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Bill Nye the Science Propaganda Guy just can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. We’ve chronicled many of his blunders here, including his involvement in Al Gore’s “High School Science” experiment where the experiment was so flawed, that they had to fake the results in video post-production to make it believable. If […]… Continue reading

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Genesis creation reconciled to an old earth

Creation Story reconciled to an old earth and scientific evidence: The only disagreements between scientific truth and the Genesis account are based on certain assumptions that everything, including the earth itself was created in the seven literal days described in the first chapter of Genesis. However, the first day of creation starts with Genesis 1:3.… Continue reading Genesis creation reconciled to an old earth

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Trump’s Energy Policy

Trump's Energy Policy: 10 Big Changes Goodbye to the Clean Power Plan. Increased energy production on federal lands. Coal gets a reprieve. Wind power industry loses its free pass to kill bald eagles.. Wind and solar power loses disproportionate subsidies. Ethanol gets closer scrutiny. Yucca Mountain finally begins accepting nuclear waste. Next-generation nuclear power surges… Continue reading Trump’s Energy Policy

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Timeline of Jesus’ Birth

Time Line of Jesus’ Birth – Gospels of Matthew & Luke. The angel Gabrial, standing by the altar of incense in the temple, appears to Zacharias. The angel tells Zacharias that his wife, Elizabeth, will have a son whose name is John and that he will prepare the way for the Mesiah. Zacharias questions this… Continue reading Timeline of Jesus’ Birth

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The Bethlehem Star

Thoughts on the Nature of the Bethlehem Star. Non-Christians, especially atheists, make the mistake of assuming miracles necessarily break the laws of the universe. They think that finding a possible natural explanation of events described in the Bible somehow eliminates God as a cause.  That is an obvious fallacy.  If God created the universe and… Continue reading The Bethlehem Star

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Darwin, Pangenesis & Acquired Characteristics

Darwin’s Claims Darwin thought cells were simple bags of gel.  He knew nothing of DNA or any other cellular structures.  He believed that inheritance was through "Gemmules" that each cell shed and that traveled to the gametes (sperm and egg).  Since each cell "voted" it was called pangenesis. He believed that the life experiences of… Continue reading Darwin, Pangenesis & Acquired Characteristics