BOOM! Scott Adams uses Dilbert to Diss the ‘Climate Crisis’ Again — Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Genius cartoonist Scott Adams published a Sunday cartoon panel offensive to the climate religion. From “Climate Change ” is the new universal boogeyman department. Just in case you think this cartoon is too ridiculous to be true, there are plenty of real world examples of people trying to blame climate…

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Wind & Solar Built On Endless Lies, Broken Promises & Massive Subsidies


The greatest con job in history started with the idea that you can run an economy on sunshine and breezes.

Sequentially, inevitably, every myth and lie put forward by renewable energy rent seekers and their shrinking band of acolytes gets busted and exposed.

Lines like: wind power is cheaper than coal (it isn’t); the wind is always blowing somewhere (it isn’t); this wind farm will power 30,000 homes (it doesn’t and never will); and that the ‘transition’ to an all renewable energy future is simply inevitable (sure, provided it’s a transition to the Dark Ages that you’re looking for?) – sound even more nonsensical, by the day.

The example set by South Australia provides more than enough ammunition for those keen to hammer RE zealots.

As does this piece of analysis by Norman Rogers.

Wind and Solar Require Massive Subsidies
American Thinker
Norman Rogers
30 June 2018

It is difficult…

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Insane $Trillion Cost Means Mega-Batteries Won’t Save Chaotically Delivered Wind & Solar — STOP THESE THINGS

It didn’t take power punters long to work out that wind power will never amount to a meaningful power generation source. Graphs like the one above – depicting the entire output of every wind turbine connected to Australia’s Eastern Grid (1,800 of them with a capacity of just under 5,000MW, spread across four states, NSW, […]

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Dreaming of Carbon Free Living?

To the Student who is dreaming of a Carbon free life

  • First, sell your car, bicycle or other means of transportation – they were made using carbon based fuels, cars use fossil fuels and even crude handmade carts drawn by animals use and emit carbon (fodder – excrement & CO2). Even electric cars were made with carbon based fuels and use electricity from fossil fueled power plants.
  • Never buy or use solar panels or wind generators – they were produced using carbon based fuels and require fossil fueled power plants as back-up when sun and wind are absent.
  • Sell your house or give up your apartment – it was made by using carbon based fuels, uses fossil fuels to heat and cool, whether with carbon based electricity or directly from oil, gas, coal, wood. Never shelter from weather or use any heat in cold weather.
  • Sell your household goods – Chairs, tables, beds, sheets, towels, etc. – all were made using fossil fuels.
  • Sell your appliances and electronic gadgets – they were made using carbon based fuels and get their electricity from fossil fueled power plants.
  • Never drink purified water from a water system – pumps and purification all run on and were made using fossil fuels. Drink only “natural” water from streams, complete with parasites, bacteria and viruses.
  • Never buy or use any paper, plastic, cloth, wood, metal or glass products, including books and paper money, pens, pencils, dishes, pans, etc. –all are produced by using fossil fuels.
  • Never use any cleaning products, soap, cosmetics or shaving or hair care materials or implements – they were all made from and with carbon based fuels.
  • Remove and give away all of your clothes and shoes – they were made using fossil fuels, use water, detergents and electricity for cleaning and ironing.
  • Don’t buy food from stores – it was transported, processed and kept fresh using fossil fuels.
  • Never cook your food – it takes heat ultimately produced by carbon based fuels.
  • Stop eating – you are using carbon based foods and excrete carbon pollutants.
  • Stop breathing – you are emitting CO2.
  • Your short, miserable life is now over and your dead body is now polluting the planet.