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In Perverted Truth Exposed, Kay Kiser exposes areas of science that have been corrupted by progressive and atheist philosophies disguised as science, including the theories of evolution, origin of life, cosmology, and quantum physics.

The climate change debate presents a modern example of how the perversion of science is politically imposed to support an anti-God, anti-human progress agenda of Marxist control and power while silencing opposition through intimidation. Kiser also answers:

  • Did Darwin really steal his theory of evolution from Alfred Wallace?
  • Why did Wallace later abandon the theory as not having sufficient evidence?
  • If Hubble discovered the expanding universe leading to the Big Bang Theory, why did he continually try to convince others that their conclusion was wrong?
  • Is man-made carbon dioxide causing global warming or is it a trailing indicator of climate change in a system dominated by solar cycles, cloud cover, and ocean currents?

My book has just been published and is available at World Net Daily Books and other outlets.  Soon to be available as an eBook.

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  1. The Mills Mobile 2 August 3, 2016 / 2:04 pm


    This is Debbie Clay Mills, Leo Clay’s oldest daughter. You are indeed a “Clay”. The following statement had me laughing for several minutes as I remembered dad saying those words to us and then passing them on to my children: “Question Everything” “Is it true and is it logical?” “How do they know that (HDTKT)?” My daughter recently had a discussion with her husband as to whether he accepted everything he was taught, which he did. Her reply, “Not me. I was taught to question everything, and ask how do you know that? Show me proof.” The acorns do not fall far from the trees!

    Excellent work! I’ve read a few of your posts and will continue reading. Well done good and faithful servant! May God increase your sphere of influence as you continue your work.

    My son, Jason Mills, may be in contact with you. He’s working on a masters in nutrition and entering nursing school this fall. He said he might like to “pick your brain” re a theory on nutrition he is working on that falls in line with some of your research. He, like the rest of us Clays, questions everything and researches to find the answers.

    Would love to talk sometime and catch up on your life.

    In His service,

    Debbie Mills


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